Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Discordia: I like you.

I’m totally infatuated by a chick. She’s almost completely perfect. She knows the only thing that I see as a problem, but I was already told that I’m not allowed to talk about that here. I should’ve never told her about my blog! Now she’s going to spot check me and if she sees anything she doesn’t like, demand it to be removed! Then of course I’ll say no, because it’s my blog! Then she will probably get mad and refuse to have sex with me… so I’ll edit it out… “Sad Face”

I think about her all the time. She thinks I am bullshitting her when I tell her this, but it’s true. She thinks that eventually I’ll get tired or bored of her, but I don’t see that ever happened. If anything she’s going to get tired of me and drop me like a sack of potatoes. Damn, they are heavy! She told me that she’s afraid to like me too much because that would complicate things. I don’t care if things get complicated. I hope she’s reading this now because I want her to know that I already like her too much. It’s too late. I wonder how she will react to that. Will it scare her or push her away? Will she stop seeing me because of that fact? I mean, I am constantly thinking about this girl. I can’t get her out of my head and I don’t want her out of my head.

She’s beautiful, cute, sexy, hot and gorgeous all in one. That’s a hard combination to find. She’s funny, smart, good-looking, and great in the bedroom and likes Lost! WOWZA! She then tells me her like of video games… in which we have the same favorite. When kissing her, I don’t ever want the kissing to end. Now, when I say that I “like her too much” I’m not saying the forbidden “L” word… not lesbian, the other one. Because of some things that have happened in my past, it’ll be a long time before “love” gets said or spoken. Will I ever say it first again? Probably not.

Let’s quit talking about the crap and start talking about the good again. This gorgeous girl, whom I refer to as Dis here, makes me smile more than anyone ever has. She turns me on quicker than anyone in my past… in person or not... I like so many things about her and I just can’t wrap my head around it. Every time my phone vibrates or *dings* with a text message, I light up and smile, ready to see what she’s written. When we’re alone, I can’t keep my hands off of her. My list of “things to do” seems to grow everyday.

In conclusion… Discordia… I like you. *Wink Face*

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