Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bad Judgment

I’ve recently been told that I have bad judgment. Over a year ago, I was told that I could be moving up very shortly in order to be an actual “supervisor” rather than just being a “leader”. This means more flexible hours, salary, underlings, among other things.
Very recently, a different position opened up at the office that would be more money, less people to deal with, better hours… I inquired about this position because I had a discussion with the office manager about my supposed “supervisor” position that I was eventually going to get. It was stated at first that I showed too many signs of immaturity. This confused me and I tried to say that I wasn’t immature; I just had a spicy personality! She told me that she would figure it out and give me more info on the following day.

The following day came, which was yesterday and she said she was mistaken. It’s not that I’m showing immaturity; it’s that I show a lack of good judgment. So, right away I ask in what ways have I shown bad judgment? She gave me three items.

1. I tried out for a Reality TV show that was new and going to be on Spike TV called “America’s Biggest Asshole”. They really liked me too and I was almost guaranteed a spot. The show was cancelled due to creative differences. Bastards. She said that I seemed to think it was okay for them to come to my job here at the doctor’s office and interview people. That would probably be bad press. Did I think about that then? Nope.

2. We had a football pool that started at the beginning of the season for the Bear’s games. At first it was simple. $1 a square. Once it gets filled up, it’s done and the numbers will be added. I happen to start the game, so I bought 10 squares right away. It turns out that not everyone in the office had a chance to grab a spot before it all filled up. There were complaints and I was told that it wasn’t fair and that there needs to be a limit so that everyone had the chance to be in it. I said that since this was my football pool, I didn’t see a problem if some people didn’t get it. My boss seemed to think that since it was circulated around the office that everyone had to have a chance. Let’s just say that the next week we had to drop it down to $0.50 a square and now we can’t even fill a whole damn sheet!

3. The third things she told me was that I had some pretty bad things as my updates and comments on Facebook. I am Facebook Friends with at least 12 people connected to me at work. She said that things were seen on FB that circulated around the office and didn’t make me look quite good. When I asked her what, she wouldn’t tell me. I even asked her today and she wouldn’t tell me! She told me to ask my friends what my boss might not like on my FB! I said, “Bah” and just left the office. Lol

So, those were the three lack of judgment examples she gave me. I personally think those three things are shit excuses! I applied to the new position for better/steady hours and more pay. Why not? Plus I would be working more independently and wouldn’t have to be watching the jackasses that I work around, along with cleaning up their messes! I’m the most qualified for the job and would be the best at it and it would take the least amount of time to train me. The only reason I wouldn’t get the job would be because taking me away from my current job might hurt the office more. Who knows. We’ll see what happens.

Now that I look at things I’ve done in my past, there are quite a few other things that I could’ve used better judgment in.

The Michigan Incident
The Affair at Nessett Pavilion
Not remembering to pay back a buddy

Hell, the list could go on and on and on and on, but I’m not going to go into details right now! None of my followers here have earned details! But will always answer questions in the comment section!

On a completely other side note, the beautiful and awesome girl that I call “my baby” or “Discordia” is sick. I know she reads these, so I wish her well. I hope she gets to feeling better real soon. Even if you aren’t feeling well, come on over this weekend and I’ll get you nice and cozy and warm in my room and go get you some soup and tea or something. ;) I miss ya, babe.



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