Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 6: I should be excited and happy, shouldn't I?

Yesterday my car got fixed. Well, it works, so I guess it got fixed. There is still a possibility that it can break down. But if it does, all we have to do is replace a battery cable. That only costs about $10, which means the only bad part would be splicing it with the cable that's already there.

Since my blog a few days ago, the woman that I'm totally infatuated with has been acting weird. Now, I keep thinking that maybe I shouldn't have said what I said in my blog. Things have been weird these past few days and she hasn't even texted me this morning like she usually does. :( This slightly saddens me because we had such a nice thing going. She said she doesn't know if she should go to my work holiday party because it would be weird and she doesn't want to mislead me. I don't even know what that means. A week ago she didn't think that way and we even came up with a make-believe way that we met that was freakin' hysterical. The whole 7-Day bet was going to end with her spending the night at my place on that day as well. Does this mean she's going back on her bet?! Shame shame!

I have a very strange work schedule this week. Monday (today) I get off at 3:45pm because I started at 7:15am. Tomorrow I work a half day of 7:45am-12:45pm. Wednesday we get out at 2:30pm because it's Thanksgiving Eve. I'm off Thursday for Thanksgiving itself. Friday I actually work a full day. And Saturday I work a half-day, too! This should be exciting for me, but it's not. I really don't have anything to do this week and since my family is all down in Texas, Thanksgiving doesn't really mean anything to me. Not looking for sympathy here, I'm just saying.

Other things that are happening...

I woke up this morning and it felt like I dislocated my right shoulder while I was sleeping. If you know me, you might just say "eh, whatever" but then you obviously don't know me well enough. It's my left shoulder that dislocates! So, why does my right shoulder hurt so bad? I'm stumped.

This weather outside isn't helping my gloom. Though I don't know exactly why I'm gloomy gus today anyway. My shoulders hurt. The weather outside is crappy. I don't know what's going on with this amazing chick I'm really diggin'. My car could die on me at anytime! (I'm so not confident in Manny's work!~) I'm ready to just take a nap.

I feel blah today. I wish something could happen that would brighten my day and cheer me up! :P

PS: And my Fantasy Football year is over. I sucked it off this year.... I have about a half percent chance of winning. Vince Young needs to be a beast and score over 50 points... what's the odds? :(

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