Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blogging Everyday?!

I had someone ask me if I was blogging today, since I told her that I was going to blog everyday. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to blog! Now, I'm going to go ahead and set the rules saying that my blogs will more than likely take place Monday through Friday because my home computer is a piece of garbage! I would blog everyday because it seems that I always have a rant to put out there, but alas the weekends I hope to be too busy to blog.

Let's talk about today's events and maybe you'll see why me blogging today almost didn't happen! Today I woke up and turned to my left to see the most beautiful woman in the world. This gorgeous creature, that I'm so infatuated with that it's slightly crazy, was laying next to me caressing my hair. She had once told me that she didn't want to like me "too much" because it would make complications arise, but at that moment, I knew she already liked me "too much". Does this mean complications will soon come around, probably so. But as I've told her through text message (Our preferred way of communication and completely acceptable! Get with the times!) : I'm not going anywhere. She has complications, but so do I. I'm already constantly thinking about her and wanting her in every single way. I want her more than I can have her because of her complications. But anyway, I'm going off subject! I woke up today with her by my side and we had a nice morning together. I walked her to her car and as she drove away, I already missed her. Yeah, I know it's sappy, but I don't care!

I was running a tad late going to get my car epoxy-ied up so that it quits leaking gas and so I can fill it up more than a half-tank! That started at 9:20ish when I left my house and I finished at around 6:30/7:00pm tonight? Now, we didn't just work on my car. My buddy's car needed to change some rear brake pads, then we found out something else was wrong and blah blah blah... leads all the way to 7:00pm and me exhausted.

I get home, put in a Garlic Bread Cheese Tombstone Pizza. It wasn't bad. I ate it until I couldn't eat anymore. Then I remembered it was Sunday, which is laundry day! I gathered some clothes and shoved them in the washer. (They are in the dryer as I type this!) I still have yet to take a shower from yesterday. I smell like sex and motor oil. I kinda like it. ;)

So, now we get along to 11:00pm and I've decided to blog. My roommate came home and this is his usual time of sitting for hours in front of the computer doing god knows what. So, I'm gonna type this quick (yes I do type 90 wpm!) and get it done with. I'm exhausted. I have to go fold my laundry and then take a shower so I can pass out lonely in my bed.

Shout out to my lovely Discordia. I know you're reading this. I miss you. I can't wait until I get to gaze into your lovely eyes again.


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