Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Custom art of the night sky, as it really was

People have tried many ways to preserve important moments, from filling books with photographs, to literally saving them in a bottle, though spending any time with Jim Croce feels like an eternity. Letting you hang a historically accurate celestial snapshot on your wall, vaporSky.Using proprietary software to precisely image the position of the stars at any moment in history, then slinging said image on a canvas, vapor's new e-gallery lets you rep any particularly meaningful date with what they're terming a "Stellar Portrait", recognition previously only attainable through liberal use of comically small dune buggies. Submit the date & location you'd like the constellations for, select the thickness and size (from 18x24" to 20x60") of your canvas, and then either choose a color scheme from 40+ presets or designate the hue of individual elements yourself, from the stars' cores/outer edges/glowing rings, to the background (remember, in space no one can hear you cream). Should one night sky not suffice there're also multi-date portraits, allowing users to plaster one canvas with up to four variably-colored sets of notable stars, useful for his & her birth dates, or all of the times you've done the ultimate.
Each finished portrait comes with a custom packet describing the visible stars/constellations, and those looking to extend the glory beyond their walls can opt for an additional digital copy of the painting, letting you enjoy its brilliance outside of your house, which is starting to smell a little Croce.

Get a look at what was going on up there at

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