Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Monday, March 29, 2010

Uncle Bester: Best of the Best

Even Rudy Jaramillo would be impressed with the hits from this month's Best Of

Zoo With Roy Dotted with photos of Roy Halladay at press conferences, tigers, and penguins, ZWR's from a South Philly, Nietzsche-quoting MBA whose laudable mission of convincing the Phillies' new ace to take him to the zoo's quickly spidered out into a happily schizophrenic trove of narratives, pics, diagrams, and even MS Paint creations, potentially leading you to confuse it with your LiveJournal.


Conceived out of desperation for a travel friendly hookah, the Hobo’s a stem/hose/bowl contraption that can instantly attach to a variety of bottles, turning everything from 40s to milk jugs into water pipes; features include a slot for a partner-friendly second hose, plus a neck made from aircraft aluminum, which has almost been as high as the dudes smoking it.

Garbage Pail Kid Graphics
These peel & stick posters feature seven different sizes (from one to seven feet tall) of revamped versions of the finest creepy/unlucky/gruesome baby trading cards ever, from the iconic Adam Bomb with a mushroom cloud bursting through his skull, to a blade-wielding Max Axe, to a desert-bound, red-faced and emaciated Baked Jake -- good luck finding a 7-foot-tall Chris Sabo card to regret trading them for.

If it can be done, Instructables can tell you how to do it: browse 35,000 projects to learn how to make your own Snuggie, run Snow Leopard on your 1984 Macintosh, build an invisible bookshelf, or shotgun a beer with just your thumb -- and you thought you were cool doing it with just your mouth!

Infinite "bath bomb"-creation knowledge awaits, at

Clockwise Clothing
Clockwise is a fresh collection of DC-made tees designed and peddled by a JMU-grad whose online hub proclaims him a "creative monster, fashion addict, and entrepreneur", and whose work encompasses "A Mindset. A Lifestyle. A Culture." -- all that aside though, he's a good person to turn to for A T-Shirt.

Alec Huxley Art
Making extensive use of the "grid method" -- the only technique he really remembers from his single mandatory high-school art class -- this some-time graphic designer/self-taught painter snaps gritty pics of Seatown's infrastructure, and turns them into high-contrast, over-sized artiness he says owes its vivid detail to the extreme patience he learned constantly moving as a kid, aka, the extreme friendlessness he learned constantly moving as a kid.

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