Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Monday, March 15, 2010

This or That: America Olivo--Musings on Blossom, Shark Bites, and Canada

I found this interview and I couldn't help but copy/paste this here for my peeps to enjoy!Because Frank Stallone was unavailable, here's actress/musician/professional attractive person America Olivo, star of new-sploitation flick Bitch Slap (in which she plays the package-demolishing, gun-toting, perpetually nearly-shirtless demoness Camero), and enjoyer of a pretty boring life: her mother was Miss Canada, she attended Julliard, toured with Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias, headlined latin-chick supergroup Soluna, was pictured on a Mötley Crüe album cover, let Terry Richardson shoot her for Playboy, and had roles in the new Friday the 13th and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but nobody's perfect. Except Frank Stallone.

Film or theater?
Theater. When you do a film, you don't get to experience it with the audience. And sometimes you get lovely feedback. Like thanks to Facebook, I get a lot of compliments about my cleavage now. But it's really not the same kind of connection.

Canada or anywhere else?
Canada. People are really nice. Canadians are doing really well, they have enough of a crossover of capitalism and socialism, and I think we can learn a lot from them. Although it is hard to find Cool Ranch Doritos in the French part.

More effective slap, bitch slap or pimp slap?
Well, I don't have a lot of experience with pimp slaps. Bitch slapping, for sure. I've never even heard of a pimp slap. I went to Julliard, we didn't have pimp slaps.

Terry Richardson, or photographers who pretend they're Terry Richardson even though they're four inches shorter and not bald enough?
I give those guys credit for balls, but of course Terry Richardson...(suddenly frightened) I really hope that was Terry Richardson.

Shark Bites or Fruit by the Foot?
Fruit by the Foot, it's like one of those fun clown handkerchiefs that keep going and going.

Girls, Girls, Girls, or boys?
Girls, Girls, Girls. Period.

Predator or Running Man?
Predator, because Predators is coming out, and my friend is in it. He killed me in Friday the 13th, but I forgave him. There's like a three-month forgiveness period. I've met Arnold a couple times, it's amazing what he's accomplished, all with that accent. It's not really that easy on the ears.

Blossom or Clarissa, that chick who was fond of explaining it all?
Blossom. Clarissa, I didn't buy it. What'd she have, a talking cat or something? Blossom made an impact. She was awkward and she owned it. And she knew how to work a hat. Hat after hat.

God bless America; check her out and pick up the very worthwhile DVD at


  1. That was cool. I enjoyed 'Bitch Slap'. And she was magically delicious in it.

  2. I didn't see it yet, but I really want to. I knew you'd like this... cause she loves Canada!