Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Highway (2002/I)

Jack is caught with the wife of his employer, a Vegas thug. The thug sends goons after Jack, who convinces his best friend, Pilot, to flee with him. Pilot insists that they head for Seattle, but doesn't tell Jack why. The goons learn from Pilot's drug source where the youths are headed, and they follow, hell bent on breaking Jack's feet. On the road, Jack and Pilot give a ride to Cassie, a distressed young woman. She and Jack hit it off. They pick up an aging stoner headed to Seattle for Kurt Cobain's memorial, and they help a circus sideshow family. Why is Pilot so set on Seattle, will the goons catch Jack, and is there any way the friends' competing needs can be resolved?

This movie captures the nihilistic spirit of grunge quite well. To those who have already decided that life is meaningless, that idealistic quests are hopeless, and that death is the pinnacle of experience, Highway may seem to offer vindication. A little closer look, however, reveals that the turmoil and trouble in these peoples lives emerges directly from their own violations of age-old guidelines for human behavior. In their more loving and charitable moments, the characters demonstrate that life does indeed have meaning and is well worth living, even if only for the bonds that we build with each other before we die. Highway is much better than I expected from the reviews I read. The characters are well developed, the relationships realistic, the dialogue is smooth and the acting is excellent, especially for a bopper flick. Heck, I queued it up just because I saw Selma Blair in something else and thought she was great. Im very glad I took the time to watch it.

I love all of the actors in this movie. I stayed up later than I should've watching this movie cause of it's fun!


4/5 Stars

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