Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beer Books

Bolstering your beer brainpower Extensive knowledge never hurts, unless it pertains to a top-secret politically motivated murder conducted by the NSA, in which case only Gene Hackman can save you. Providing safer, sudsier knowledge, BeerBooks.
Based in Ohio, Beer Books is an insanely comprehensive online receptacle for ale and lager literature, beer-related collectibles, and even brew-based DVDs, because nothing's sweeter than staring at a nice set of cans in slow-mo. The hundreds of synopsized books and videos include numerous out of print tomes and editor picks in a dozen categories like Homebrewing, Beer Trekking, and Beer History, which tragically omits the Psi U Tropical party where Chet did that epic keg-stand. Because reading is hard, there's also loads of stuff that's more for show, like old-timey black and white photos of delivery trucks and prohibition protests, vintage tin beer signs touting 15-cent Budweisers, and posters for obscure brews like Old Cockney Ale, which you won't be able to understand no matter how many times you break down the Cheadle scenes in Ocean's 11.

The hopped up fun continues with various tees and other wearables (Yuengling, Schlitz, Tivoli) and even a few subject-appropriate games, which the NSA don't play, and that's why Jamie Kennedy and Jack Black had to stalk the Fresh Prince.

Pour yourself into a bounty of beer goodness at

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