Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Monday, March 29, 2010

This month's Best of the Best is exactly what it says it is. Unlike those damn fattening Thin Mints.

Hey Dude Skincare Miami-based Hey Dude helps make you slightly less ugly with stuff like dirt-/oil-removing Dude Wash for your face, thick-beard-attacking Nary Hairy shaving cream, and 4 Your Eyes Only, which employs Arnica Montana, a dried flower that reduces the darkness and puffiness that appears after getting throttled for talking about how much dried flowers reduce darkness and puffiness.

Originally started with a handful of “loose change” by a couple of local college guys, AD continues to keep it fresh, working with local artists to produce its latest drop of limited-run tees with an urban streetwear vibe and decidedly local flavor, like a wearable version of that dude who rides the cart bike through Back Bay screaming "WOOO"..

Are You Watching This?
Newly improved by its tech-consultant creator, RUWT's a free web/iPhone/Android service that alerts you when things get down to the wire, so you'll know exactly when to interrupt your finally-watching-The Wire marathon, unless it's that scene where Brother Mouzone and Omar are about to kill String...oh, damn, sorry.

Old Spice Fresh Adventure Internship Search
Wanna swim with Fijian sharks or snowboard the Matterhorn, and get paid $5000 for it? Sign up for the Old Spice Fresh Adventure Internship Search, and get all that plus Swiss wrestling -- kind of like American wrestling, but the biggest star's The Zü-Rock.

Seriously, this is an insane opportunity; check it out at

Aviation Jewelry
Get fly with this fighter-jet-inspired mewelry made from sterling silver or white/yellow gold, designed by an NC-based jewel craftsman and his two pilot partners. Grab replicas of the F-15 like the In Flight lapel pin, cufflinks, or money clip, or deck your neck with highly detailed 3D pendants like the A-10, F-16, and even a Harrier in flashy 14k gold -- just hope no one jump-jets you for it.

Happy Hour Time Pieces
This San Diego company makes a slick watch with both analog hands and the kind you can actually read, plus the hidden bonus of a bottle opener on the buckle that's fully functional, until you're not.

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