Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lost Bacon Warehouse

I know what you're thinking. That title has to be a mistake. I mean, a "lost bacon warehouse" sounds like a dream. Can you imagine finding this "lost bacon warehouse" abandoned? It's heaven! Instead, these are some things I found! Take a look and find out exactly why all I do at work is surf the web instead of working! IO?ION! Watches

At Spare Parts: 2947 N Broadway, btw Wellington and Oakdale; Lakeview; 773.525.4242

Just dropped at Spare Parts, these Italian-made ultra-light and ultra-cheap (under $30) silicon sport watches recently made their way stateside in more than 20 colors from Military Green to Cardinal Red to Powder Blue, which is how you'd feel too if you were a weird albino kid who hung out with Jeff Goldblum.

Make your wrist happy at

Bacon Fat Candles

At David Burke's Primehouse: 616 N Rush St, btw Ohio and Ontario; River North; 312.660.6000

Step into Primehouse and order up these part lighting, part flavor little beauties that melt down, then watch the waiter pour the bacon-y goodness all up in your food (they've also recently dabbled in getting some vinaigrette in there and using it to dress a spinach salad). The candles are even available for take-home use in the kitchen or bedroom, provided the missus doesn't keep kosher.

Get ready to burn some bacon at

The Warehouse Sale

Fri 2pm-8pm and Sat 10am-4pm at Congress Plaza Hotel: 520 S Michigan Ave, at Congress; South Loop; 312.427.3800

Head to the Congress Plaza Hotel this weekend for up to 80% discounted goodness on some 15,000 pieces of fashion action from brands like Chip & Pepper, True Religion, Rock Revival, and English Laundry, which has an elitist disregard for Australian detergents.

Register in advance for faster entry this weekend at

Blackhawks At Zella

1983 N Clybourn, at Racine; Lincoln Park; 773.549.2910

In celebration of the Hawks' return from their Olympic hiatus, Zella's is offering a free sandwich (kicked w/ fries or tots) to any patrons who show up for games sporting their jersey. Wash things down with a $5 bomb-style shot of half Jameson, half cinnamon schnapps dropped into a Guinness called "Fire In The Hull" (What? No "Blame it on the Kane"?).

Ready that jersey and pick out your sandwich at

Never Seen Lost

From a Chi dude who managed to avoid a certain uber-complicated island-related drama all this time, NSL is his hilariously written (and illustrated) episode-by-episode analysis of the final season completed without the benefit of any previous context, much like every final season you experienced in college.

Sort it all out at

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  1. Your title raised my hopes than expertly dashed them. lol
    I think Bacon candles are dangerous. If the concept spreads no one will ever do any work.