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Demotivational Poster of the Day

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

RIP Dr. Death Steve Williams

RIP Dr. Death Steve Williams!

Steve Williams, accomplished wrestler both in the United States and in Japan, has passed away at age 49 after a prolonged battle with throat cancer. Williams is best known for his work in the WWF in the late '90s alongside his good friend Jim Ross, but he is one of the most successful and legendary gaijin ever to compete in Japan, along with Stan Hansen, Vader and his longtime tag team partner, John "Johnny Ace" Laurinatis.

Williams was also an accomplished amateur wrestler and football player in college at the University of Oklahoma. He popularized the gutwrench powerbomb, which is still known today by most fans as a Doctor Bomb, as well as the Oklahoma Stampede running powerslam.

His troubles with cancer began in 2004, and it appeared that he had beaten the disease until earlier this year, when it came back and his condition worsened. Williams wrestled his final match in America in Colorado Springs August 15th, and altogether in Tokyo October 25th. He was accompanied for his final American match by Dawn Marie, who founded and works very closely with the Wrestler Rescue charity. Williams was a beneficiary of this charity later on in life, and I stress that this is an important cause to get behind.


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  1. I have good childhood memories of wrestling too. Sad to see them all die at such young ages.