Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays?

The holidays weren’t very exciting for me this year. Last year, I actually did stuff for the holidays. I went to someone’s house and was happy and joyous. I bought presents for people and got presents in return (though I don’t ever care if I get anything in return). I actually get joy out of buying people gifts and watching them light up when unwrapping them and liking the gift. I put lots of thought into what I buy anyone and try as hard as possible to make it something they would really enjoy/use. I never ask or expect a gift in return.

This year it was as if it wasn’t even a holiday. I didn’t have anyone to buy anything for that would let me. I didn’t have anything bought for me by someone else.

At work I bought my co-workers little $5-$10 gifts and that was fun. I got a thing or two from them, but that’s not the important part. I enjoyed getting them gifts. It was fun to have them say “You shouldn’t have gotten me anything!”

My roommate and I don’t ever buy anything for each other. It’s an unspoken thing, I guess. Three or so years ago, we used to exchange gifts. The past couple of years, I bought him something and he didn’t seem to appreciate it. He didn’t get me anything back in return either, not that it is important. Last year, I got him like a personal grooming kit because that’s all I see him doing (filing his nails and other weird things like that) while sitting on the couch in the living room. It’s been collecting dust for a year now in the bathroom. Guess he didn’t like that gift too much… lol

Last year I was dating someone and ended up spending close to if not more than grand on their Christmas. To say the least, she enjoyed everything she got. This year, I’m “seeing” someone but she told me NOT to get her a gift at all. I’ll admit, I was kinda bummed about this. I know it sounds crazy! I mean giving a new person that you’re seeing a gift and they don’t like it… it could RUIN everything! But I like to give things to the people I care about. I ordered her something anyway and I know she’ll like it! It’s small and really wasn’t a big thing, so I’m sure she’ll love it. ;)

So, to my 5 followers, do you know anyone like that? Someone that demands you get them nothing? lol How was everyone’s holidays?

And to the beautiful woman that I miss dearly, you know who you are, I’m sad that you had such a crappy holiday. I’m sorry that you’re sitting at home bored and in pain. I wish there was something I could do to help you in anyway. I feel useless and sad that I can’t do anything for you. I hope you get better soon and I’m gonna give you a big hug and kiss as soon as I can see you! ;)

Little mosquito,
where is it you have flown from?
Your name sounds Spanish.

My day starts off bad.
I’m running behind for work.
If I’m late, I’m dead.

Something on the news
about people acting odd,
so I switch to sports.


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