Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Every movie is a love story!

Why in the world is almost every movie have to involve love in some way? It's ridiculous! I went to see Avatar last night with a buddy of mine and with all of the sci-fi, action and visual image crap, there was still a love story involved! Basically, this movie was Dances With Wolves meets Aliens meets Jurassic Park. The movie wasn't the greatest. It was visually stimulating with all the colors and everything. The wild animals that were alien and strange were pretty cool. Michelle Rodriguez was in it wearing a white tank top... she's hot. I enjoyed the movie, though it was pretty long.

My only gripe is why does every movie have to involve love of some kind? I started to think back about the movies I've seen lately....

Avatar: human gets in fake alien body and falls in love with an alien

Sherlock Holmes: Rachael Mcwhatever is hot and Robert Downey Holmes loves her--so much sexual tension!

The Hangover: it's a batchelor party FOR A WEDDING! Plus the dentist falls in love with the stripper, doesn't he?!

All About Steve: old ass Sanda Bullock stalks Steve because she thinks she loves him

Carriers: two couples go around while everyone is infected... there is love within the couples

Secretary: S&M type of love

(500) Days of Summer: they say it's not a love story... but it is!

District 9: He loves his wife that he has to leave... but then he loves the aliens and helps them get away! (I know that's a far-fetched one)

Grace: she loves her zombie baby! plue there's lesbian love (and not the good kind!)

Funny People: he's gonna die, reunite with his true love... blah blah blah blah

This list could go on and on and on. With the exception of possibly Disctrict 9 on my list, every movie had a huge "love-factor" as I'm starting to call it. Seriously, can we get a movie without some mushy love crap?

This is the exact reason why I end blogs with Zombie Haiku!

Much to my surprise,
when I get to the office,
the place is empty.

When I call the boss,
he answers and screams at me
and then drops the phone.

Beth from accounting
is just sitting in her car
eating spaghetti.

1 comment:

  1. Finally some one is recoignizing the pattern.
    I also feel like it is the same way in Hollywood industry. And it actully starts from the early years. Just look at the cartoons, every cartoon has some love story in them now or then. Especially the movies, they always have some love stories included. :S
    There are many things which shouldnt be the way they are portraited in the media/movie/music industry. Unfortunately the reality doesnt seem to be changing, this is affecting all of us. Just look around, do you think the world would be this bad if the media wasn't helping it towards selfdestruction?