Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Silent Fright: Zombies Invade Your Holiday!

We’re Alive is just like a zombie movie—but without the movie partRun! Horrifying mobs are wandering the streets, mindlessly consuming mass quantities...the holiday season has begun. Everywhere you go, the same cheery tunes are droning out their sparkly message of goodwill. If it hadn't started two days after Halloween, you might not be annoyed every time a bell does its jingle thing. How to balance the saccarine madness?

Counter-programing. For once, it's the rescue.

Anytime you start to feel a little too shiny/happy this yuletide, pop in and listen to We’re Alive, a tale of the zombie apocalypse that unfolds as a radio drama. (You remember radio dramas: they’re like movies for old people!) We’re Alive follows a group of soldiers and civilians trying to survive in a zombie-besieged Los Angeles. And in true radio-drama form, there are sound effects galore: the creak of door hinges, the crack of gunfire and, of course, the hungry, hollow moans of the walking dead.

The audio-only medium is perfect for all those times when your ears want to listen to zombies, but your eyes are supposed to be doing more important things. Like frosting cookies. Or maybe driving a school bus on icy roads. More than 12 hours of corpsified action have already been recorded, and a new 20-minute episode becomes available via free podcasts almost every Monday. That makes We’re Alive a perfect way to keep yourself grounded this holiday season. After all, as anyone being chased by zombies will tell you, the best gift you can ever get is just being alive.

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