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Demotivational Poster of the Day

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Centurion ((2010))

In 2nd-century Britain, Roman fighter Quintas Dias (Michael Fassbender) is the lone survivor of a Pictish attack on a Roman frontier post. Eager for revenge, he joins the Ninth Legion -- under General Virilus (Dominic West) -- and journeys north on a mission to destroy the Picts. Writer-director Neil Marshall's rousing sword-and-sandals adventure also stars Olga Kurylenko as the beautiful Pict warrior Etain.
Neil Marshall delivers yet another blood soaked action adventure film. This time, a band of Romans are on the run from some kill crazy Picts. There's plenty of blood, sweat and tears. I can't sing the film's praises, as it's honestly not anything particularly amazing. But it was exactly what I wanted it to be, and for what it was, it was quite good. A great cast of grizzled Brits play the Romans, and both the lovely Olga Kurylenko and wind worn Ulrich Thomsen make for scary Picts. Worth a watch if you want a sword swinging, gut ripping action film.

Come on.... what do we all watch a movie of this type for anyway??? It appeared to me to be a very accurate depiction of life as I have read it to be in the late Roman occupation of the British Isles. It was certainly full of action, bloody battle scenes and other beautiful cinematography. I hope the last line of the story rings true and that it is turned into a serial along the lines of "Blood and Sand".


4/5 Stars

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