Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Babysitter Wanted ((2008))

When she takes a job babysitting a young boy (Kai Caster) for a night at his family's remote farmhouse, sweet college co-ed Angie Albright (Sarah Thompson) becomes the target of a scar-covered creep making mysterious phone calls and prowling outside the windows. Angie gets the drop on the would-be killer, but quickly discovers that her nightmare has just begun. Jonas Barnes and Michael Manasseri direct this darkly humorous horror flick.
This is one of the worst horror films I have ever seen, and the synopsis is slightly misleading. Yes, a scar-covered creep does stalk the main character, but that's only the first half of the film. Unfortunately, the second half of the film is a complete mess. This film is not original at all. The first half is a copy of When a Stranger Calls (or even Halloween?), while the second half mimics The Omen. There might even be traces of The Exorcist in here somewhere, if you think about it long enough. The ending is also completely ridiculous as it leaves you assuming a sequel is on the way. No thanks.

If youre looking for a cheap horror/slasher movie with over-the-top sound effects, really bad acting, and no plot until the end, then this is the movie to watch. I hate myself for watching it. I really do.


1/5 Stars

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  1. I was just looking for a babysitter, when I came upon this blog. The majority of the Netflix are shamefully bad, but there's a good one about a butcher and a writer in the freezer. Look for that one.