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Demotivational Poster of the Day

Monday, October 18, 2010

Paranormal Activity (2007)

When Katie (Katie Featherston) and Micah (Micah Sloat) fear their San Diego, Calif., home may be haunted by a demonic presence, Micah sets up a video camera to document all the jaw-dropping, hair-raising action over a series of several nights in fall 2006. The paranormal occurrences increase in frequency and significance, leaving Katie more and more distraught -- and determined to put an end to the terror.
While I think that this was a fairly decent movie, I do not believe that it warrants the distinction as being the scariest movie ever made. To be honest I didn't find it all that scary at all. I even gave it the best possible chance. I watched this movie at night, alone, with all the lights off in the apartment. I really only jumped once, and that wasnt even at the end where the really scary stuff happens.... Perhaps I am not a good model though for judging the shock value of this movie though since I am a huge fan of the paranormal, have watched countless shows and movies on the subject, and have even had a few run-ins with it myself... As I said, it's a fairly decent movie, and worth a watch for sure, but its really only gonna be scary to the easily scared...

I give it three stars only in the fact that, like any lame horror film, it will give me a general sense of nervousness. The night scenes were the only part really worth watching, as they were full of atleast -some- suspense. But the movie itself was in no way scary. I give credit to the director for some smartly used effects, but the movie was killed by the fact they Micah was a POORLY acted character. Reality check, no matter how macho you want to pretend to be, if something like this was really going on, and you actually give a shred of a care for your loved one, you don't pull the "I can handle this" just to feel like you've got something big between your legs. Instead, any real person wouldve called someone for help. Katie's fear was decently believable, while Micah's character was a complete joke, so the only thing about him that was enjoyable was what happened to him at the end. All in all, couldve been a lot better, but I will give Peli credit where credit is due for the smartly used effects. The intelligently used effects and the not-too-shaky camera work are worth giving their due. Next time though... better actors... and make it more believable. Especially since anyone who sees that board LIGHT ON FIRE, would've called someone the same friggin day.


3/5 Stars

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