Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Taking It on the Chin: A Razor Emporium on Michigan Avenue

The Art of Shaving
520 N Michigan Avenue
(at Illinois)
Chicago, IL 60611
312-527-1604On Monday morning, everyone's clamoring for some face time with you.

So by Monday afternoon, your face might need a rest. The kind that only a few hot towels and a badger-hair shaving brush can provide...
So welcome to The Art of Shaving, a combination old-fashioned barbershop and all-things-shaving store nestled in the first floor of the North Bridge Mall on Michigan Avenue.

Inside, you'll find a small, handsome, wood-paneled haircutting sanctuary, where your five o'clock shadow will welcome the comfort of soothing hot towels and relaxing lather. The latter comes courtesy of a highly experienced barber—a barber ninja, really—who wields his tempered steel straight razor with such precision, you may sleep right through the whole thing. (Luckily, he won't.)

Of course, if you'd like to take charge of your own face, you can swing by for the basics: disposable blades, pre-shaving oils, tubs of rich shaving cream. And since your basics happen to include fine badger-hair shaving brushes and $1,000 sterling-silver-and-buffalo-horn-handled razors, you can stock up on those too.

You've been going through them so fast lately.

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