Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Real Fantasy GM: Outsourcing your fantasy sports management

Effective delegation is key to success, from having an intern knock out time consuming spreadsheets, to having your mom knock out time consuming...spread sheets. And laundry. And bathing. Helping you delegate all that fantasy sports drudgery, Real Fantasy GM.Started by two U of C grads with a knack for statistics and some serious fantasy chops, RFGM’s a time saving service that puts a smarter, more qualified, and possibly better looking person in charge of winning you a championship, freeing you up to live the life of a real sports owner, minus yacht sex on the reg. Email the crew with your league info and password, and a stud specializing in your sport will be selected from their stable of seasoned vets to take the reins, using a number of super incomprehensible proprietary stat models to gain an edge in both old standbys like baseball & football, and more niche leagues like NASCAR and golf, though wouldn't fantasy golf just be called e-Tiger's penis. Bring 'em on early and they'll handle your draft, but if you've already screwed that up they'll even step in mid-season and use their system to right the ship via astute waiver wire moves and one-sided trades, which could never be as one sided as the time you traded your Ken Griffey Jr Fleer Ultra to Michael Vick and all you got back was a piece of Ron Mexico.

Because winning isn't enough, RFGM can help with important decisions like choosing a team name from their 10,000 deep database, and they'll even crush your message board with monster posts based on embarrassing info you supply on your rivals -- just have an excuse ready when your GM asks why everyone wants to know how bath time's going.

Put yourself on the path to fantasy glory at

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