Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Moon (2009)

After Bella recovers from the vampire attack that almost claimed her life, she looks to celebrate her birthday with Edward and his family. However, a minor accident during the festivities results in Bella's blood being shed, a sight that proves too intense for the Cullens, who decide to leave the town of Forks, Washington for Bella and Edward's sake. Initially heartbroken, Bella finds a form of comfort in reckless living, as well as an even-closer friendship with Jacob Black. Danger in different forms awaits.
The story is ludicrous, the script is so staged, the acting by most is atrocious, the cinematography looks marginal at best, the pace seems very slow, and the movie weighs in about 30 minutes too long, Robert Pattinson once again demonstrates he has little, if any, natural acting talent, and again shows absolutely no chemistry with Kristen Stewart, his co-star and love interest. Kirsten Stewart has little material to work with other than mopping about looking sullen and indecisive, which by the way, she does quite well. Taylor Lautner, however, probably has the best role and turns out to be a good actor, also not hard to look with his young buff body - and his scenes with Kristen Stewart actually have some semblance of emotional attachment. The werewolf creatures were kind of neat, maybe a little scary for young kids. I noticed the human-werewolf transition seemed missing - none of the closeup transition you'd see in the usual werewolf movies. In all honesty, the only reason I liked this movie was because of Taylor Lautner, who I believe has a great career outside the lame Twilight series.


3/5 Stars

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