Demotivational Poster of the Day

Demotivational Poster of the Day

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

People of Walmart

I've been to the website called "People of Walmart" and I've laughed and scoffed at the trashy people and how ridiculous they are. I got an e-mail this morning with pictures that I believe are from the "People of Walmart" or at least it's of not so pretty rednecks, which everyone knows I know a great deal about. So, enjoy the pictures and let's make fun of some weirdos!

Flesh-colored tights. What a great idea!

Ya really think ya gonna be needin' those condoms there, big fella?

HEY! HEY! HOLD STILL!!! There’s a freakin’ jellyfish on your head! I'll get it.. Hold still!

WOW! That’s so cool! Nike came out with a new flesh-colored fanny-pack…wait…hold on…OMG!

Yes!!!!! Blue is definitely your color!

How the heck did the White Witch of Narnia come through the wardrobe?

Proof that Elvis got a poodle pregnant? I don’t know, I’m not here to judge... well, maybe....

I think the knot goes in least it should.

Santa has a summer job?

The irony here is overwhelming. I’m just going to sit back and let you soak it in.

I couldn't help it...that was a really, really funny joke.

I’m sorry sir, but those Christmas hams put you over the 12 item limit for this line.

How does she manage to make it look like she's tucked their butt into her young son's pants

OH COME ON! Are you actually going to stand there and tell me you don't even feel a breeze?

I know what a muffin-top is, but I’ve never seen a muffin-back. I think there needs to be a better word for it, so, I'm open to suggestions.

At what point does a person just say, "Screw it, I don’t need to put on shoes or pants?”

Oh, the humanity. How did we get to this point as a species???

I cannot confirm if this is indeed THE Little Miss Muffet. Mainly because I have no idea what a tuffet looks like. (Even the doll is dressed in pink.)

Well, you ARE at a store that sells underwear. Problem solved. Then I would move on to pants...

I wonder if she can 'tie ‘em in a knot or tie ‘em in a bow'......because unfortunately, I already know they 'wobble to an fro’.

Look! All "natural" sleeves...just the thing to wear with your tank top.

OOOOWWW, she’s LETTIN’ it ALL hang-out.

Hookers love cupcakes. Can’t argue with the facts.

Listen, honey, the “ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL” tag is lying to you...

Sasselfratz, hibidibut, yzidili, guvukafet… Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just trying to think of new words to describe this lady because I can’t seem to find any that already exist.

Why do I feel like at any minute now, a big arm-bar is going to swing out with a STOP sign on it?

Yipes! Stripes!

Well, it is summer now, which means that we all get to witness more gems like this one.

Hey, Hulk Hogan...

Hot Dawg!!! I am seriously jealous of this dude.

Ummm, I think he might need something more than the pine tree air-freshener.

Why do I have a feeling Jim Henson is behind her......working her arms?
Big thanks to Frankie for passing this along to me. My blog-followers appreciate it!

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  1. Oh thats just I gotta wash my eyes fella..and that still wont hurt as much as some of these pics.