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Demotivational Poster of the Day

Monday, February 8, 2010

'Lost' Questions to Think About: Part 1

ABC's Lost has been one of my favorite shows since it started. It pisses me off by answering 1 question, but giving us 3 more. I saw this article today that brought up some pretty good questions and thought I'd relay them here!

1. The Hatch (Swan Station)

After the Purge, who regularly placed food and supplies outside the hatch (The Swan Station)? Was it really the Others, and did they put Dharma logos on the supplies to deceive the hatch's occupants so they'd keep pushing the button? In (episode 2x18, Dave), Charlie theorized that the hatch locked down so its residents couldn't see who left the food.

Why didn't the Others ever take over the hatch, choosing instead to monitor it from the Pearl station? (Ep: 3x14, Expose)

Why did Radzinsky splice out the one piece of the orientation tape that warned against using the computer for communication, and hide it in a Bible on the other side of the island? ((Ep: 2x9, What Kate Did and Ep: 2x23, Live Together, Die Alone)

2. The Time Loop

Has the time loop already repeated multiple times, and can Eloise remember what happens each time? In the "Lost Time Loop" discussion, Cooperdale observed that Eloise knew all the major elements in the loop from Daniel's journal. Yet Eloise also knew things that couldn't be in the journal. In episode 3x8, Flashes Before Your Eyes she knew that the man in the red sneakers would be crushed and said, "The universe has a way of course correcting." And in episode 5x6, 316 she told Desmond, "..the island's not done with you yet," implying that she may know his future.

3. Eloise and Widmore

Are Eloise and Widmore working together to fulfill the time loop, or are they on opposite sides?

It appears that both wanted Desmond on the island. Eloise tracked Desmond; she befriended the abbot of his monastery (photo on desk in episode 3x17, Catch 22) and anticipated his arrival at the jewelry store (episode 3x8, Flashes Before Your Eyes). Widmore sponsored the race that shipwrecked Desmond. Both told Daniel to go to the island on the freighter. (Episode 5x14, The Variable)

Yet Eloise helped at least one of Widmore's enemies (Ben) return to the island, and may have helped two more to get there. In episode 5x16, The Incident, it was clear that Bram and Ilana knew Ajira 316 would take them to the island. Did they learn that from Eloise?

4. Libby

Was Libby an agent of Widmore's when she gave Desmond the sailboat (episode 2x23, Live Together, Die Alone)? Was she spying on Hurley in the mental hospital (episode 2x18, Dave), and on whose orders?

5. McCutcheon Whiskey

Does McCutcheon Whiskey indicate a connection to Widmore? It first appeared in Sawyer's stash (episode 3x8, Flashes Before Your Eyes), which means it belonged to another passenger on Flight 815. After Widmore used it to humiliate Desmond (same episode), it appeared again in the hotel room of Locke's father (episode 3x13, The Man From Tallahassee) and Ilana recognized that Sayid was drinking it when they first met at the bar (episode 5x10, He's Our You). Who was the mystery passenger on Flight 815 with the McCutcheon -- perhaps Libby? Did Locke's father and Ilana ever cross paths with Widmore or his associates?

6. Hurley

Has Hurley's purpose been fulfilled? The other people transported back to the 1970s played a visibly important role (in Ethan's birth, taking Ben to the Others, fighting Dharma security forces during the Incident). Hurley's role during that time seemed only minor (chef and van driver). Yet Jacob asked Hurley to come back, and apparently another force tried to prevent Hurley from boarding Flight 815. (In episode 1x24, Exodus Part 2, Hurley's alarm clock shorted out and his rental car stalled.) How important is Hurley, and to which side?

7. What is the Magic Box?

Ben told Locke that the magic box brought his father to the island (episode 3x13, The Man From Tallahassee), and later explained that "the magic box is a metaphor." (Episode 3x19, The Brig).

Did the box also cause the appearances on the island of Kate's black mare (episode 2x9, What Kate Did), Dave (episode 2x18, Dave), and Ben's mother (episode 3x20, The Man Behind the Curtain)?

Are the box's creations the real thing or just facsimiles? Are they only temporary? Locke's father said, "I'll be here the rest of the week, John, if you change your mind." (Episode 3x19, The Brig)

8. Intruders on the Island

How did the US Army find the island in the 1950s? (Episode 5x3, Jughead) Did Dharma learn of the island's existence from the Army and then establish its presence there by force with the Army's support? In episode 5x8, LaFleur, Horace told a subordinate to prepare the "heavy ordinance," a military term.

9. Dharma

What was Dharma's goal? In episode 2x3, Orientation, the tape said that Dharma was funded by Alvar Hanso, "Danish industrialist and munitions magnate." Was the purpose secretly to create a new super weapon, and possibly use it to gain world control and impose the "utopian social order" mentioned in the tape? Was this what Radzinsky meant when he said, "I came here to change the world"? (Episode 5x16, The Incident)

10. Moving the Island

Was the island moved before? Ben knew exactly how to move it and that the mover couldn't return. (Episode 4x13, There's No Place Like Home Part 2) Was this the reason Dharma never tried to retake its base after the Purge?


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